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Social Security Changes the Rules for Mental Health Disorders

The Social Security Administration updated their rules regarding mental health disorders in September 2016. These rule changes became effective on January 1, 2017. While many of the rule changes are relatively minor, there are several changes that could significantly affect an individual’s claim and compensation levels. Notable Inclusions The SSA has added three new listings […]

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How Stiffer DUI Laws in Tennessee Might Affect You

Three new laws went into effect last year that stiffen penalties for repeat DUI offenders with four or more convictions on their record. These new laws are among the latest steps the legislature and law enforcement are taking to reduce the number of DUI accidents in Tennessee. Statistics gathered by Mothers Against Drunk Driving show […]

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When Security Goes Too Far: Excessive Force Injuries

When a security officer uses excessive force to apprehend or detain a person, injury and even wrongful death may result. Security guards, armed, or unarmed, do not possess the same arrest powers or rights to use force as a sworn police officer. Security Guards Are not Police Officers Security guards are typically given the responsibility […]