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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Filing For Social Security Disability

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits requires carefully following instructions and avoiding pitfalls and mistakes that can delay or cause an application to be rejected. When applying for benefits, it is important to avoid the following mistakes as these can reduce benefit payments or lead to a denial of payments. #1: Collecting Unemployment Unemployment benefits […]

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Can You Collect SSDI While Working?

It is possible for Social Security disability payment recipients to collect SSDI payments as they return to work. This allows workers to gradually return to work following a disabling injury. However, there are restrictions and it is important for recipients to understand how the process works so that they can budget and plan accordingly. Substantial […]

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Saying I’m Sorry Won’t Get Your Sued

Research conducted by Stanford Health Policy has determined that apologies have a significant impact on patient’s desire to sue. The research conducted by the university showed that patients are not likely to sue a physician for medical malpractice when offered a straightforward and honest explanation regarding medical procedures gone wrong. A New Method of Risk […]