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Access To Medical Marijuana Is Tied To An Increase In SSDI Claims

The growing number of states legalizing medical marijuana has led to an increased number of individuals filing for Social Security Disability in these states. It is theorized that increasing access to medical marijuana creates a disincentive to work and may negatively affect the workforce and financial stability of social welfare programs including Social Security, workers’ […]

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Staying Afloat While Waiting for Disability

SSDI benefits can be delayed for any number of reasons and it is crucial that applicants take proactive steps to manage their finances early on in the process. There are many steps individuals can take to “tighten their belts” and protect their financial position. Financial Assessment Individuals should start by assessing their assets, debt, and […]

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Is Car-to-Car Communication the Key to Fewer Accidents?

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies may have the potential to reduce the number of automobile accidents that occur each year. The US Department of Transportation estimates that nearly one-half of automobile accident fatalities in the country are caused by roadway departures and accidents at intersections. Companies including Apple, Tesla, Google, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Audi, and others are […]