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Do You Qualify for a Compassionate Allowance

The Social Security Administration’s compassionate allowance program provides expedited benefits to disabled people whose conditions clearly qualify them for SSDI. The program is in response to significant delays in processing claims. Prior to the implementation of the CAL program, many applicants with severe impairments and even terminal illnesses were forced to wait between six to […]

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How Your Work History Plays a Role in Qualifying for SSDI

An applicant’s work history and the types of jobs he or she has performed in the past has a significant impact on the individual’s eligibility for SSDI benefits. The disability examiner uses this information to evaluate the applicant’s work credits, acquired job skills, and functional limitations to determine whether the claimant has the ability to […]

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Who is Liable When 9-1-1 Fails?

911 operators and emergency responders can be held liable when they fail to respond appropriately to emergency situations. When individuals call 911 or 112 seeking assistance, fire, police, and medical personnel have a duty of care that includes performing their responsibilities within set guidelines and requirements. When they deviate from protocol and accepted norms, they […]