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Policy Interpretation Ruling Could Impact Disabilities with Subjective Symptoms

A 2016 policy interpretation ruling by the Social Security Administration has eliminated the term “credibility” from the sub-regulatory policy and altered the methods used to evaluate the subjective symptoms associated with disabilities under Title II and XVI disability claims. The ruling requires, via a 2-step sequential review process, establishing that there is an underlying medically […]

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Thousands Are Dying to Get Approved for SSDI

In September 2017, the backlog of SSDI benefit applications exceeded 1 million and the estimated wait for benefits grew to more than 2 years. This severe backlog means that many applicants will die before their application is approved and benefits are distributed. In 2016, investigations by the Social Security inspector general showed that there were […]

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Determining How Much Your SSDI Payments Could Be

SSDI benefits are calculated based on the individual’s earnings prior to the disability. Most people earn benefits of between $700-$1,700 per month. As of 2018, the average benefit received is $1197. AIME and PIA Covered earnings are the earnings that individuals have paid Social Security taxes on during their working years. When calculating benefits, SSA […]