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Understanding Social Security Benefits for Disabled Children

Low-income disabled children in Tennessee may be eligible to receive monthly social security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program. If their parents’ income and their disabilities qualify, the children may continue to receive benefits until they reach age 18. At that time, they may apply for adult disability benefits. Children of disabled parents […]

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SSDI Is Not a Welfare Program

While some in Tennessee believe that Social Security disability insurance is a type of welfare program, recipients must have contributed to the fund for years to qualify for benefits. SSDI is an earned benefit that is available to people who develop disabling conditions that are so severe that they are no longer able to work. […]

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How Work Credits Work in SSDI Claims

Tennesseans who are disabled and who want to apply for Social Security disability benefits must have earned a qualifying number of work credits and meet other work requirements to be eligible. The Social Security Administration requires workers aged 31 and older to earn a minimum of 20 work credits in the 10 years preceding their […]