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Social Security Disability Lawyer Gives Tips to Prepare for Your SSDI Interview

After people in Tennessee apply for Social Security disability benefits, following a few simple tips to prepare for the SSDI interview can improve the chances of achieving a successful claim. They should be ready to answer a number of questions about their disabling condition, when it began, their work history, current limitations, and others. Claimants […]

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SSDI: Keeping Families Afloat Financially

Certain family members of disabled Tennessee workers may be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits based on the workers’ SSDI record and these additional benefits allow families to stay afloat financially. Payments received by disabled workers are never reduced when family members claim dependents’ benefits, but auxiliary payments are typically counted toward the maximum family benefit. […]

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Is Expanding Private Disability Insurance a Fix for SSDI

Republicans in Congress have been searching for a way to offer a legislative fix to Social Security and have proposed three plans to expand private disability insurance while curtailing Social Security Disability insurance. The Government Accountability Office has expressed skepticism about all three of the proposals. The GAO has pointed out that SSDI and private […]