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How Do Veteran’s Benefits Affect SSDI?

It is possible for disabled veterans in Tennessee to receive disability benefits from the Veterans Administration simultaneously with Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Because SSDI is not based on need, receiving VA payments will not impact eligibility for disability benefits through the SSA. People who are rated as 100 percent permanently […]

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Can People Receive SSDI and Workers Comp Benefits at the Same Time?

When Tennesseans are left with permanent and total disabilities from their jobs, they may be able to receive both workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits at the same time. The Social Security Administration may make adjustments to the amounts that they receive from Social Security, however. In general, the total that people can receive […]

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What SSDI Claimants Need to Know About Consultative Exams

Tennesseans who apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration may be asked to submit to consultative exams, making it important for them to understand what to expect. The Social Security Administration asks applicants to submit to consultative exams when they do not have enough medical documentation of their disabling conditions. Consultative exams are […]