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Denied SSDI Benefits? Here’s How to Win Your Appeal

While most initial applications for SSDI in Tennessee are denied, it is possible for applicants to win on appeal by preparing well for their hearings. Making certain to see their doctors regularly, submitting new medical evidence to the Social Security Administration, dressing appropriately at the hearing, bringing witnesses, and preparing for questions can help improve […]

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SSDI Claim Determination Changes

Tennesseans who are applying for Social Security disability benefits might face additional hurdles because of a recent executive order and some regulatory changes by the Social Security Administration regarding how claims will be handled. The changes involve altering the process by which administrative law judges are chosen and how claims representatives are handled. In the […]

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What Is Functional Equivalence in SSI Cases?

A child’s disability will be considered to be functionally equivalent to the disability listings if he or she either has an extreme limitation or a minimum of two severe limitations in two out of six different areas. Tennessee parents whose children are disabled may be able to receive SSI benefits even if their children’s disabilities […]