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Stroke Victim? SSD May Be an Option

In Tennessee, some stroke victims who have severe symptoms may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they are left unable to work. People who have suffered severe strokes should apply as soon as they are able because the SSDI process can be lengthy. To be eligible for SSDI benefits, people will need to […]

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Getting SSDI Benefits for Parkinson’s

Tennesseans who have Parkinson’s disease may qualify for SSDI benefits if their symptoms have become severe due to the progression of the condition, leaving them unable to perform the tasks of their jobs. To qualify, applicants who have Parkinson’s disease must be able to show that their conditions prevent them from performing the tasks of […]

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While You Wait: Understanding the Impact of Other Types of Disability Income

Tennesseans may be eligible for multiple types of disability benefits that can have an impact on the total amount of benefits they can receive. In addition to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, people might be eligible for long-term disability benefits, veterans’ disability benefits, and workers’ compensation. It is possible for people to receive benefits from […]