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Who is Liable When 9-1-1 Fails?

911 operators and emergency responders can be held liable when they fail to respond appropriately to emergency situations. When individuals call 911 or 112 seeking assistance, fire, police, and medical personnel have a duty of care that includes performing their responsibilities within set guidelines and requirements. When they deviate from protocol and accepted norms, they […]

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Saying I’m Sorry Won’t Get Your Sued

Research conducted by Stanford Health Policy has determined that apologies have a significant impact on patient’s desire to sue. The research conducted by the university showed that patients are not likely to sue a physician for medical malpractice when offered a straightforward and honest explanation regarding medical procedures gone wrong. A New Method of Risk […]

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When Security Goes Too Far: Excessive Force Injuries

When a security officer uses excessive force to apprehend or detain a person, injury and even wrongful death may result. Security guards, armed, or unarmed, do not possess the same arrest powers or rights to use force as a sworn police officer. Security Guards Are not Police Officers Security guards are typically given the responsibility […]

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Keeping Jr. Safe from Sports Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 2.6 million children under the age of 19 are treated for sports related injuries each year. Sports injuries are the leading cause of musculoskeletal injuries and the leading cause of visits to primary care physicians. August is back to school month in Tennessee and parents and coaches […]

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Booster Seats Prevent Tragedies

Booster seats can save lives when properly used. These devices elevate children to the proper height of seat belts so that if they are in an accident, they will be better protected by the seat belt. Booster seats lift the child to the height necessary where the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts restrain him or […]