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Stroke Victim? SSD May Be an Option

In Tennessee, some stroke victims who have severe symptoms may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they are left unable to work. People who have suffered severe strokes should apply as soon as they are able because the SSDI process can be lengthy. To be eligible for SSDI benefits, people will need to […]

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Getting SSDI Benefits for Parkinson’s

Tennesseans who have Parkinson’s disease may qualify for SSDI benefits if their symptoms have become severe due to the progression of the condition, leaving them unable to perform the tasks of their jobs. To qualify, applicants who have Parkinson’s disease must be able to show that their conditions prevent them from performing the tasks of […]

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While You Wait: Understanding the Impact of Other Types of Disability Income

Tennesseans may be eligible for multiple types of disability benefits that can have an impact on the total amount of benefits they can receive. In addition to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, people might be eligible for long-term disability benefits, veterans’ disability benefits, and workers’ compensation. It is possible for people to receive benefits from […]

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Auxiliary Benefits for Children of Non-Traditional Families

Certain Tennessee children who are members of non-traditional families may qualify for auxiliary disability benefits as the dependents of disabled adults. Children who are disabled and whose families meet income eligibility guidelines may also qualify for disability benefits. Children may qualify based on a disabled, unmarried parent’s benefits. Children who reside with their grandparents may […]

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Can You Get SSDI When You’re Self-Employed?

Self-employed people in Tennessee who become disabled and are unable to return to work may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits as long as they have paid self-employment taxes and have earned enough work credits. To be eligible, self-employed people must also medically qualify for disability benefits and they must not be performing a […]

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SSDI: Relief for People with Cancer

Tennesseans who receive cancer diagnoses may want to consider applying for SSDI to help them meet their financial needs and pay for their medical care while they are going through treatment. Some types of cancer may allow patients to receive expedited processing of their applications for disability. Others whose cancers are not listed in the […]

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Five Conditions Recently Added to the Compassionate Allowance Program

Tennesseans who have certain types of severe health conditions may receive expedited processing of their Social Security disability claims through the compassionate allowances program, and the SSA recently added five conditions to the list. The compassionate allowances program was created in 2008 to provide faster disability claims processing for people with certain diseases, and the […]

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What the Social Security Administration Fairness Act Could Mean to You

The Social Security Administration Fairness Act, a bill that was proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders in June 2018, would make the SSDI application process easier for people who have disabilities by ending the five-month wait period, getting rid of the waiting period for Medicare eligibility, and reducing the backlog of cases. The bill would increase […]

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Denied SSDI Benefits? Here’s How to Win Your Appeal

While most initial applications for SSDI in Tennessee are denied, it is possible for applicants to win on appeal by preparing well for their hearings. Making certain to see their doctors regularly, submitting new medical evidence to the Social Security Administration, dressing appropriately at the hearing, bringing witnesses, and preparing for questions can help improve […]

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SSDI Claim Determination Changes

Tennesseans who are applying for Social Security disability benefits might face additional hurdles because of a recent executive order and some regulatory changes by the Social Security Administration regarding how claims will be handled. The changes involve altering the process by which administrative law judges are chosen and how claims representatives are handled. In the […]