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After people in Tennessee apply for Social Security disability benefits, following a few simple tips to prepare for the SSDI interview can improve the chances of achieving a successful claim. They should be ready to answer a number of questions about their disabling condition, when it began, their work history, current limitations, and others. Claimants should gather all of their medical documentation and continue to see their doctors for treatment while they are waiting. People should also be careful not to exceed SGA limits. If applicants receive notices of denial, they must act quickly to file their appeals. If they miss the deadlines for appeals, they will be forced to begin the process over again.

What to Do to Prepare

A majority of people who apply for SSDI benefits are initially denied. According to the Social Security Administration, just 36 percent of the SSDI applications it received from 2004 to 2013 were approved upon the initial applications. While some people are denied because they are not eligible for SSDI benefits, others are denied because they do not adequately prepare.

To make it likelier that a benefits claim will be successful, people should prepare for disability interviews in advance. They should continue to see their doctors, follow recommended treatments, and gather updated medical documentation while they wait. Recent medical documentation of the treatment can help establish the seriousness of the condition and the limitations it causes.

After the application is received by the agency, it will send a packet of forms that must be completed. People should submit copies of their medical records with these forms so that the records do not get separated from their files. People should also ask their doctors to complete residual functional capacity forms to submit with their applications. They should be ready to answer questions about their condition, when it began, their work history and how their disability impacts their capabilities. Per the Social Security Administration, earning more than $1,180 per month can cause a claimant to be denied. Therefore, applicants should be cautious about working while waiting for their claims to be processed. Claimants should always make copies of any forms they fill out or other related documentation and keep these copies in a safe place for reference during their interviews.