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Under the Compassionate Allowances program, Tennesseans who have certain severe medical conditions that obviously meet the eligibility guidelines for Social Security disability insurance or supplemental security income may have their claims prioritized by the Social Security Administration. The Compassionate Allowances program is in place to assist the SSA with identifying people whose disabilities are severe so their claims may be processed ahead of others. Disability lawyers may also help to speed up the process by requesting an on-the-record review, an expedited hearing or a congressional inquiry.

Compassionate Allowances

The Compassionate Allowances initiative is designed to expedite the disability claims of people who are severely disabled to such an extent that their disabilities obviously qualify them for benefits. Through the program, people who have certain disabilities that are listed by the Social Security Administration may be approved for SSI or SSDI much faster. Because the program uses software to identify applications from people whose conditions are listed, however, some people with qualifying conditions are overlooked.

OTR Review

When the evidence supporting the client’s claim is strong enough that it should be approved without presentation at a disability hearing, disability lawyers might request an on-the-record review. An approval will be based on the application and supporting evidence as well as any other documentation that the attorney might submit.

Expedited Hearing Request

When SSI or SSDI claimants are in dire financial straits to such an extent that they are in danger of losing their homes because of their disabling conditions, their lawyers may request an expedited hearing based on their financial needs. The lawyer may submit the dire needs request with the documentation that supports it to the administrative law judge or the hearing officer director. This may allow a hearing to be scheduled much sooner than it might otherwise happen.

Congressional Inquiry

People whose claims are taking a long time may also talk to their congressional representative and ask for an inquiry into the delay. In some cases, a congressional inquiry can expedite a hearing.

SSDI and SSI claims may take a long time before people receive their decisions. With the existence of these ways to speed up a decision, people may receive their benefits far sooner than they otherwise might.