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After people in Tennessee passed away, their surviving spouses, children, dependent grandchildren, and dependent parents might be able to recover survivors benefits from the Social Security Administration based on their loved ones’ earnings record. The agency determines which survivors are eligible and figures out how much they can receive based on their ages, their dependence on the decedents and their relationships. The total amount that can be received by all of the eligible survivors is 150 to 180 percent of the decedents’ benefits amounts.

Surviving Spouses

People whose spouses received SSDI or retirement benefits are allowed to continue receiving their benefits after they die subject to some limitations. If they have reached the full retirement age, they can receive the total benefit amount. If they are raising a child who is under the age of 16, they can receive 75 percent of the benefits amount. Surviving spouses who are between the ages of 50 and 59 may receive 71.5 percent of their spouses’ benefits amount. Finally, people who are between the ages of 60 and the retirement age may receive between 71.5 percent and 99 percent.

Surviving Children

Surviving children who are unmarried and who are under the age of 18 may also receive survivors benefits based on their deceased parents’ benefits amounts. They are eligible to receive 75 percent of the total amount until one month before they turn 18 unless they become disabled before reaching age 22 or are 19 and still in high school.

Dependent Grandchildren

Some grandchildren may also be eligible for survivors benefits. To qualify, the grandchildren must have started living with the grandparents before they reached age 18 and have deceased or disabled parents who can’t support them. They must also have received at least 50 percent of their support from the deceased grandparents.

Dependent Parents

Elderly parents who are at least 62 years old and who received half or more of their support from their deceased children may be eligible to receive survivors benefits. Single surviving parents are eligible to receive 82.5 percent of the benefits amounts while couples are able to receive 75 percent each. If several people qualify for survivors benefits and the total amount exceeds the capped percentage of 150 to 180 percent, the government will reduce the benefits to meet the cap.